Thursday, March 19, 2009

Working on all the orders from my fabulous customers!

So I am still busy working on bag orders from the Stitches west show.
I am shipping out a bunch of orders today and will ship the rest out next week.
I am also working on all my recent website orders. These will be shipped out next week as well!!

Thank you all for being so patient!!!!


Pet Poopie Pouches are back!

Finally had time to build up some inventory of my Poopie Pouches.
Your pets plastic bag carrier with a message to those who don't pick up!
They are available on my website. In the pet section. $17

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stitches West show is now over!

Thank you to all my wonderful customers that came into my booth at Stitches west 2009!!!
It was an excellent show! Allot of repeat customers and allot of new ones as well! I sold a ton of my bags that I had brought and got lots of orders too. I will make sure to make more backpacks for next years show!!! I thought I had made enough! WRONG!!! :) Next year for sure I will have way more! I promise!!!!!

I also bought yarn and I will learn how to knit! Then I can communicate better with all you lovely knitters!!!!