Monday, May 4, 2009

New fabrics and Bag designs!!!

I posted 4 new fabrics
Here they are in larger format:
Jester Teal
Jester Grape
Grannies Favorite
Butter Swirl

Also I have brought back the ORIGINAL Big Ass Bag!!! I am still making the limited ed. leather one as well. This one is a monster and can carry allot!
Also have redesigned the Marge bag once more. Now longer and leaner!! Good for those longer knitting needles for all you knitters!

Check them out on my site!

The Marge bag is under my "Totes" Section.
and the Original BAB is under "Wallets And Crafts" Section
Also I have made a link to my ETSY page for all of the one of a kind items!!!


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